Community building team project

hello fellow students and hi to all teacher’s reading this hello to anyone reading this.This post is about my group community building and what where about is sponsoring a better La so that they can stop gangs from being in La and from any kids joining and showing them how to say no to all that type of stuff and we also have our own website check it out Yale cares so this is the video me and my team made enjoy.

My favorite game

hello fellow students and hello to all teachers reading this hello to anyone reading this.This is a post about my favorite game Godzilla unleashed is about Godzilla and other monsters fighting each other for the earth there are four groups of monsters Earth defenders,GDF(Godzilla defense force),Aliens,and the Mutants my favorite are the mutants and this is my favorite game because I love kaiju’s fighting I always have since 2008 when I saw my first godzilla movie and it 2010 when I first played this game it became my favorite.